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Solar I t is very common in most industries for the level of activity to rise in the weeks leading up to the major trade show. As we approach SNEC 2015, it appears the industry is still receiving some 'mixed signals' and experiencing some additional growing pains. e most recent data on silicon sales indicates that weak demand is continuing to force prices down. e US continues to expand as more state funded legislation becomes alternative-energy friendly. But, PV installations continue to expand across the sunbelt countries with Iran being the latest country to announce three major new installations. Other interesting developments this week come from Japan, where the government has issued guidelines for the successful decommissioning of existing PV plants. is is a first in the industry and demonstrates a certain maturity creeping in to this technology segment. Fuel Cells Another alternative energy that has been experiencing growing pains is fuel cell tech- nology. Fuel cells come in a variety of technology based formats, but the market leaders are PEM (Proton Exchange Membranes ) for low voltage applications and SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells) for high voltage applications. Many of the advances in this sector have been developed around the automotive industry and a number of competing technologies are due for release that will bring fuel cells back to center stage. Wind Wind power is one of the largest alternative energy applications in the northern hemi- sphere. However, the abundant source of wind in these northern climates is accompa- nied by corrosion issues for blades and other critical components. – Trevor Galbraith Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL OFFICES Europe Trafalgar Publications Ltd. Global Solar & Alternative Energies Crown House, 72 Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith, London, W14 8TH, UK Tel: +44 (0) 207 559 1467 Fax: +44 (0) 207 559 1468 E-mail: Website: United States Trafalgar Publications Ltd. Global Solar & Alternative Energies PO Box 7579 Naples, FL 34102, USA Tel: +1 (239) 245-9264 Fax: +1 (239)-245-9268 Asia Trafalgar Publications Group Pvt Ltd M-161/1 G.L. House, Gautam Nagar Behind India Oil Bhawan New Delhi – 110049 Office: +86 351 652 3813 Fax: +86 351 652 0409 Editor-in-Chief Trevor Galbraith Tel: +1 (239) 245 9264 ext. 101 US Cell: +1 (239) 287 5401 Fax: +1 (239)-245-9268 Skype: Treva-1 Managing Editor Tel: +1 (239) 245-9264 x108 Billing Tel: +1 (239) 245-9264 x106 Web Developer Torrence Germany Tel: +1 (239) 245-9264 x105 ADVERTISING Europe Trevor Galbraith Tel: +1 (239) 245 9264 ext. 101 UK Mobile: +44 (0)7584 072926 German Handy: +49 (0)1573 278 4316 Americas Sandy Daneau Tel: (239) 234-1600 skype: sdaneau.1 Germany Erhardt Eisenacher Esienacher Medien Welckerstr 22 Tel: 0228-2499860 Fax: 0228-650076 China, Taiwan, Japan & Hong Kong Paul Chen Tel: +86 2154049130 Editorial E D I T O R I A L 2 Global Solar & Alternative Energies • Spring 2015 TREVOR GALBRAITH "We look forward to reporting on the current state of the global solar industry from SNEC 2015 in Shanghai." Solar Continues to Emerge from the Downturn, but not Without Growing Pains

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